Lamont started in the industry in 2005 in Washington DC as a Loan Officer He was introduced to the industry by a friend and he was intrigued about the industry and the financial gain that it created. He began hosting new home buyer seminars in the basement of his home on a weekly basis and as the attendance grew his popularity as a loan originator in the area grew also. He was able to sustain himself during the downfall because of the relationships he built. He is an avid believer in talking to at least 5-7 people a day in an effort to build strong relationships to promote and establish his business. Lamont is also a strong believer in servitude and approaches all potential business opportunities with the “what can I do to help you grow” attitude. Lamont started his own brokerage in 2019 right before the pandemic. The brokerage has grown to two locations with licensure in eight states and over seventy employees nationwide. Lamont attributes his continued success to always willing to help others and his unique ability to be able to converse with anyone.

Hometown: Jackson, MS
College/Year/Degree: Morgan State University 2000
Hobby: Sports
Favorite Sports Team: Washington Commanders and Washington Wizards
What did you want to be when you grew up: Actor
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go: Africa
Favorite thing about being in the real estate industry: The ability to assist others in various aspects –
I enjoy servitude and helping others.