YES you can! There are several ways to purchase a home with less than perfect credit. HCMG has options for borrowers that help them purchase a home with FICO’s as low as 500. Let’s dive deeper into the best loan options, so I can show you how to buy a home with bad credit!

What Loans are Available with Bad Credit?

There are several great loan products available to those with bad credit. FHA insured loans, VA loans, and Private Mortgages are all great option to purchase a home if you have less than perfect credit. HCMG is a Direct Lender and is able to offer financing all the way down to 500 FICO.

How to Buy a Home with Bad Credit

Whether you are a Veteran or are interested in an FHA or Private mortgage, we understand that you may have had a bumpy past, in regards to your credit, and that is okay! Our loan products are designed to help you purchase a house and get into a better overall situation. HCMG believes someone should not be barred from purchasing a home, just due to a lower FICO score. Whether you have collections, late payments or any liens placed against you, Ocean Lending still may be able to help you buy a home with bad credit.

If you have bad credit due to a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy, that is okay. HCMG has loan products that allow you to purchase another home sooner than conventional routes. If your poor credit is due to high balance debt, that is also okay, our loan programs are designed to allow those with high debt to get qualified.

How do I get Pre-Approved to Buy a Home with Bad Credit?

The first step to getting yourself Pre-Approved to purchase a new home is to speak with a qualified loan professional. Thankfully you are already at the right place. HCMG has several Loan Experts that can help you get Pre-Approved through a Free Mortgage Analysis that only takes about 5 minutes. To get in contact with a Loan Expert you can fill out the quick quote form on the right side of the page, or you can call us at 949.613.5669 and just simply ask to speak with a Loan Expert. If you do not get through right away and our lines are busy please call back.

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